Contouring Clay and Ayurveda Body Ritual enhanced with diuretic and fat burning oils of Sage, Hyssop, Juniper berry and Geranium
Beginning with an invigorating exfoliation that combines finely ground Horse Gram (Also known as Kollu flour), and Sarshapadi Oil your treatment is then followed with a contouring body wrap of kemara’s warm body mask. This mask is rich in carefully selected Ayurveda Herbs reputed for its detoxifying effects, plant essences and green tea used exclusively by kemara to stimulate the lymphatic system and assist in the removal of accumulated toxins which are a common cause of cellulite.
     Horse Gram
It is known for its excellent diuretic and astringent  qualities
Another great benefit of horse gram is its use in extracting phlegm. When suffering with cough, phlegm is a hard thing to get rid of. Taking horse gram water can eliminate the phlegm and give relief.
It has phenols which helps in reducing weight
Horse gram also helps in lowering cholesterol levels It also helps in reducing flatulence
     Sarshapadi oil
(A combination of Sesame, Mustard Seed and Kapuru) enhanced with aromatic oils of Sage and Hyssop
Stimulates blood circulation
    It promotes sweating both when consumed and applied externally. It stimulates sweat glands to produce more sweat as well as enlarges the openings of the pores on skin. This property is helpful in lowering body temperature as well as removing toxins and excess salts and water from the body.
    Tonic: This oil serves as an all-rounder tonic for the health. It tones up all the systems operating in the body, gives strength and boosts up
    Stimulant: It is particularly effective in stimulating circulation, digestion and excretion. This oil, if used externally for massage, stimulates circulation very well. The effects are even visible. It stimulates digestion by stimulating secretion of gastric juices and bile from spleen and liver. The excretory system is also stimulated by this oil since the peristaltic motion of the intestines is stimulated.
    After a refreshing shower, kemara‘s specialized contouring gel isapplied to your body, leaving your skin feeling and looking toned and lustrous.
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