Kemara Kids

Gentle Therapies For Health And Wellbeing

Essential oils can be used safely and effectively for children,

The regular use of essential oils in the home, in baths, massages, air sprays or an essential oil burner is a very effective form of preventive medicine and will often help children to avoid coughs, colds and other infections.

Bath time

  • Refreshing shower gel
  • Fresh & Floral Shampoo
  • Conditioner

Body & Hair Care

  • Reviving Body Lotion
  • Calming & Soothing Night oil
  • Hair & Scalp Oil



Sun care

  • SPF 30 sun block for face & Body
  • After sun gel

Insect Repellent

  • Mosquito Repellent

Common childhood ailments

  • Common Cold & Cough drops
  • Common Cold Lotion
  • Cough Lotion
  • Nappy Rash
  • Cradle Cap
  • Head Lice Shampoo
  • Head Lice Drops

Other Childhood ailments and Kemara customized blends

Allergies- An allergy is an abnormal response of the body's immune system to an 'allergn' or 'irritant'. Allergies tend to run in families. Common irritants include household dust, pollen, chemicals, perfume, animal hair and certain foods.

Anxiety - probably anxiety is suffered more by children than adults realize! Changing school routines, starting nursery, being unwell, being affected by parent squabbles or even separation, or simply being over stimulated by well meaning but over exacting parents can lead to a stressful child. Symptoms can include a worsening of allergies (such as Asthma), sleeplessness, loss of appetite, constipation or diarrhoea and a pallid skin- among many others.

Asthma - Asthma is caused by the narrowing of the bronchial tubes, usually in response to an allergen. It tends to run in families and can also be brought on by exercise or by inhaling smoke or petrol fumes. Usually the sufferer has a frequent cough, wheezing colds which do not seem to clear.

Bedwetting - This can be very distressing for a child and also for you, the parent .There are several causes, ranging from an incompetent bladder sphincter muscle, to stress, or an inability to wake from a deep sleep.

Bruises - Bruises occur usually after a sharp knock on a part of the body, or after falling over, etc.The blood capillaries in the area are temporarily damaged and blood floods the affected area, causing discoloration.

Burns - (minor ) Minor burns can be treated very successfully with aromatherapy. First ensure that the burns has been doused with cold water for at least five minutes or until the extreme heat has gone out of it.

Recommended: Tea Tree gel to be applied at frequent intervals

Chicken pox - The chicken pox virus is incubated for 12-20 days before symptoms appear. The child then develops a temperature, feels unwell- and small, red, itchy spots begin to erupt over the chest, trunk and eventually the face.

Colic - Most babies in the fist few months of life are at times said to be suffering from colic. With this the baby cries shrilly (usually for a period in the evening) and draws up his knees as if in pain. It is presumed that bubbles of air have become trapped in the babies intestines, causing pain.

Common cold - Colds are caused by many different types of viruses. Often young children seem to have one long continual cold, while in fact it may be one viral attack after another. Colds become less frequent as the children become immune to several differing viruses.

Coughs - Sometimes a cold can spread to the chest and cause a rattling sound when the child breathes. Propping the child up can help, as can gently patting his back. He mucas should be encouraged to flow and not be suppressed in any way.

Cradle cap - this is a type of eczema that is very common in young babies and children who have begun to have a head of hair . The scalp becomes crusty with yellow/ white colored scales which usually does not cause any distress to the child.

Cuts and (small wounds) - Small cuts and wounds can be treated as easily and efficiently with aromatherapy as with patented products; both have antiseptic properties.

Earache - Earache can be triggered by different problems like mumps, measles, toothache, sinus congestion or an actual ear infection. The outer ear may be red and sometimes a discharge is visible.

Hay-fever - Not common in babies and usually only then in families who have a history of hay-fever, eczema or asthma. Symptoms of hay-fever include itchy, sensitive eyes constant runny nose, dry chesty cough and a general feeling of lethargy .

High temperature - this can include fever or other ailments such as chicken pox, influenza, Measles.

Insect Bites - Insect bites are hot to the touch, red and raised and can cause severe skin irritation.

Recommended: Tea Tree gel to be applied at frequent intervals

Insomnia - There is nothing quite as exhausting as having to wake up in the night to look after a sleepless child1! There can be many reasons why a child will wake up in the night and all of these should be checked out as well as giving aromatherapy treatment.

Recommended: Calming and soothing night oil